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What's in my Car {WIMW Vol. 11}


I got my first car this past May {yes first... when I was 22 years old} and ever since then I've tried my best to keep it as clean as possible. So here's what I keep in my car to help me achieve that-

The compartment in between the two front seats holds a pen, my iPod, car registration, and insurance.

I keep a car charging port accessible for those times when I need to charge my phone {I always have a charger in my purse}

On the passenger side floor I keep a little container from Dollar General for garbage {tissues, straw wrappers, ect} and I keep a reusable shopping bag in the door compartment.

The glove compartment holds an on-the-go makeup kit, GPS, necessities pouch, and car manual.

The necessities pouch holds a straw, tissues, bandaids, stain remover wipes, antibacterial wipes, dog treats, tampon, lint roller, bug spray, hand sanitizer, floss, and Scentportables.

The makeup pouch holds... makeup :)

All I keep in the truck is my reusable shopping bags and a gift for the husband that I don't want him to find ;)

How do you keep your car clean/organized?


  1. I should've done this for my car! I have some of the same stuff, but never keep makeup in there because of the weather and all. But, I have a little folder pouch thing for my registration and insurance that I keep in the glove compartment :) I love it!

    1. Ya I probably shouldn't keep makeup in there, but the majority of it isn't a liquid/cream and so far I haven't noticed any problems!

  2. You are so organized! I do have a little folder for my insurance/registration, and a container for trash, but that's where the organization ends! :)