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P 52 | Weeks 20, 21, 22


Week 20 | The time has come- I've finally started running! In fact I ran a 5k yesterday for the first time (since middle school anyway!) It definitely hasn't been easy and I'm having the most difficulty with regulating my breathing, but I'm proud that I'm sticking with it and I hope that one day it'll become more enjoyable. I plan on writing a more in depth  post on this topic one day soon so be on the lookout!

Week 21 | Sir Duke and I spent Memorial Day weekend at my grandparents while T went camping with his cousins (the weather was too crappy for my first "real" camping experience). It felt like a sleepover all weekend! Grandma and I shopped, Duke and Grandpa worked in the yard, and we even took Duke to the parade! However, I forgot to take my camera so here's a picture of him sitting on top of the stairs waiting for my brother to get home from work lol

Week 22 | We are officially a two car family now and the beauty above is allll mine ;) T let me pick out the color and everything! We wanted something American and that had low monthly payments. The Cruze is a perfect fit. I can't wait to personalize (and maybe even name) her!

A weekend recap will be posted later tonight after I get off work :)

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