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Thursday Thoughts {Vol. 11}


This past week my brain has been one huge jumbled mess. I'm anxious waiting for the GRE to be over with, Thomas and I are both working crazy overtime this week, and I've just been checked out. So here's my attempt at letting go of some of these thoughts.
  • T & I have decided that if everything goes according to our plan {crossing fingers & toes} we'll be moving out of my in-laws by the end of next August. We are extremely grateful for everything they have done for us, but we just need to be on our own. We have no idea where we'll be moving and probably won't until June/July, but I'm trying really hard not to stress about that. With this decision comes "OMG I need to start planning everything right this second and cannot stop thinking about it." It's seriously consuming 99% of my thoughts and it's driving me bonkers. I don't know why I do this to myself- why I can't take things slowly. As soon as a decision is made I go into overdrive. I need to learn how to shut this part of my brain off.

  •  We both feel like we're stuck in this limbo at this time in our life. Adjusting to post military life has been hard. A lot harder than either of us anticipated. Life back in Michigan isn't what T anticipated it to be and he misses his battle buddies. We're both still adjusting to living together almost a year later and I don't know when that will end. We don't have many married/in long term relationship friends {we have 3} and we're over the party scene. So we've been feeling kind of isolated lately. Stuck between being young adults and adults. It's just making us feel a little.. off. I have a whole lot of thoughts and feelings on this subject that I want to write about here, but it'll have to wait until I have more time.
  • I've always struggled with self confidence, for reasons I haven't figured out yet, and it's really taking a toll right now. I'm really doubting myself at a time when I need to be confident. I need to learn to just do my best and then let it go. Letting go... something I've never really been able to do.

Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.  Next week will be better :)

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