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April Goals


I know we're already a week into April, but better late than never right?! But first, let's go back to last months goals and see how I did.


1. Finish photography class and book- Didn't quite happen, but I have it on my to do list for this week. I can't wait to get outside once the rain goes away and practice :)
2. Run the entire St. Patty's Day 5k- Completed! I wrote about it here
3. Make changes- Completed! I purchased a new hair dryer and have worn my hair down ~10 times this past month, which is a HUGE improvement. I've also worn makeup to work a few times, clean up our "spaces" before leaving for work, have been drinking a lot more water, working out everyday, ect. So I'd definitely say this was accomplished.
4. Write more- Considering where I started last month I'd say I've completed this, but I still have room to improve!
5. Start a gratitude journal- Completed.... and I'm loving it!


1. Finish photography class and book- I can read during the rainy April days and practice during the sunny ones :)
2. Run once/week- We're running two races in June so I need to fit running into my weekly schedule.
3. Complete P90X3 daily workout- we're 10 days in and going strong.
4. Go on an outdoor date- with the weather finally getting warmer I want to be outside as much as possible, so hopefully one weekend we can! Maybe mini golf or a bike ride or a game of tennis.
5. Figure out what's next- by the end of this month we should know my status with grad school so it'll be time to make some big decisions. Hopefully it all goes smoothly.

What are your goals for this month?


  1. I think I'm going to begin P90X in June! I need to lose a couple pounds for my maid of honor dress since the middle is so tight so I hope that works!!

  2. wearing you hair down is just a lot of work sometimes. mine always ends up in a pony by the end of the day