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Thursday Thoughts {Vol. 22}


This weeks post might be all over the place, because I just have so many random things I want to blog about!

Up first is the fact that my left ring finger is currently naked and will be for two freaking weeks! :( I went to Kay Jewelers yesterday for my 6 month cleaning/inspection and was told that my center stone was extremely loose and needed to be sent in. I am thankful that the stone didn't fall out, but I'm still so sad that I don't have my ring. I feel like a piece of me is missing and I keep giving myself mini heart attacks when I realize it isn't on my finger. Maybe I'll get it back before the estimated return date?! One can only hope!

Speaking of yesterday- It was such a great day and I want to document it. I had the day off so I got to spend the day with my grandma. We went shopping, out to lunch, and had so much fun together. We talked, laughed, and just enjoyed each others company. I am so grateful to get this precious time with her and hope that we have a lot more days like this one!

One of the things I picked up while I was out shopping with grams was the new Sacrifice Pandora charm. I may not be an Army wife anymore, but I am the wife of a Veteran and the military will always be apart of us. I was even wearing my new WWP shirt that says "the greatest casualty is being forgotten."

My new hair dryer is the! I mentioned in my last post that I've been wearing my hair down a lot more frequently and it's all due to this guy. It took me months to finally bite the bullet, it isn't cheap {I paid $150 on Amazon}, but I'm so glad I did! It completely dries my extremely thick hair in 8 minutes and my hair feels so soft/frizz free afterwards! Next up on my list is learning how to use my curling iron. Baby steps people...

Another thing I'm going to try out is self tanning, because my legs are beyond ghostly white, I'm pretty sure they could be considered see through, and it finally warming up here in the mitten! This set was only $20 during the Sephora sale so I snagged it up. I am a little lot intimidated though.. I've never fake-tanned before! Any tips?!

It's FINALLY warm enough to take Duke on long walks again! It amazes me how much the weather impacts my mood, but I've been so happy ever since Spring made it's presence in Michigan! My fanny pack cracks me up :) Haha

Dog walking season also means that it's Ritters season! Best frozen custard hands down! I could eat it every single day and not get sick of it. Next time I go I'm going to buy the gallon size to keep at home :)

The last thing I'm going to ramble about is the fact that we need a second dresser. We were blessed with a massive closet at our last apartment so we didn't think it was necessary to buy the 7 drawer chest that went with our bedroom set. Fast forward a year and we just don't have enough room. Half of our clothes are in boxes downstairs, some are in the spare bedroom closet, some are under the bed in storage bags, ect. I finally convinced Thomas that it'd be a good purchase to make with some of our tax return. Now we're just waiting for a good sale to come along!

And there are all the things I've wanted to blog about this week, but don't warrant a post of their own! What random things do you want to ramble about?


  1. make sure to exfoliate prior to putting it on and you are good to go! St. Tropez is my favorite!

  2. I feel naked without my wedding rings too!! Happy Friday, pretty lady! :) :)

  3. I used to never self tan and now I'm addicted!!!!

  4. I hate when I don't have my ring! I still have my old promise ring, so I wear that when I don't have mine. I just can't have a naked finger.

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