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32 Things That Make Me Happy!


Sometimes we get too wrapped up in all the crummy things going on in our lives that we forget about all the things that make us happy! Today I'm posting 32 things that never fail to make me happy :)

1. Coming home to a clean place {so why don't I do this way more often?!}

2. Fun dates with my husband
 We love a good game of mini golf

3. Flowers {the ones bought at stores, not delivered}

4. The furball that has forever changed my life! He makes me smile every single day.

5. Good days at work {the best ones are when no one cries ALL day!}

6. Family walks

7. Organizing
 You can never have too many bins/baskets

8. Exploring new places

9. Warm weather... more specifically summer. I love summer!

10. Making list and crossing things off

11. Shopping

12. Making Thomas smile

13. The feeling after a good run or workout

14. Beautiful sunsets

15. Bonfires

16. Reading at the pool or beach

17. Getting a good deal {this week I got a $25 maxi skirt for $6!!!!}

18. Ice cream {Ridder's Frozen Custard is my favoriteeee}

19. Trying new things with Thomas

20. Freshly painted nails

21. Bubblebaths

22. Planning {vacations, activities, date nights, ect}

23. Driving with the windows down and the music up

24. Summer concerts {bonus points if at an outdoor venue}

25. Celebrating {birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, anything}

26. A1 sauce {it can make any meal taste delicious}

27. Getting a new purse

28. Weekend getaways

29. Checking things off of my bucket list/101 in 1001 days list

30. My family

31. Seagram's Escapes in Blackberry Breezer

32. Feeling accomplished!

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  1. fun dates and bubble baths make the happiest too :)

  2. Awh, what a sweet post! your fur ball looks adorable!

    Just A Girl