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Thursday Thoughts {Vol. 20}


I didn't mean to take such a long hiatus from my blog, but sometimes life just gets in the way. Friday I came down with a terrible cold so when I got home from work I ended up sleeping for over 12 hours. I'm feeling about 95% better now, just still really stuffy. The weather in Michigan has been crazy lately so the girls have been having a lot of snow/"cold" days which interrupts my blogging "schedule" so I apologize. This post is probably going to be on the long side due to not blogging for over a week so here we go!

A few Saturdays ago I finally tried hot yoga and OMG! It was nothing like I expected. I can honestly say that I have never sweat that much in my entire life. It was such an incredible work out though and I'm willing to try it again. 90 minutes of intense yoga {not relaxing/flowy at all} in an 105 degree room is no joke!

Livonia finally got a FroYo place! T and I decided to check out Menchie's and it was so delicious! I definitely didn't go the healthy route for my first time- cake batter yogurt!!!, cookie dough, strawberries, brownie chunks, and chocolate syrup!

T and I went to see Lone Survivor on MLK day. Wow... it's hard to put into words how that movie was for us - emotional, draining, but most importantly it made us feel so grateful. Grateful that we didn't loose anyone on Thomas' deployment, grateful for our men and women in uniform, grateful to just be together now. I believe that every American should watch that movie. It's sad that 98% of our country just doesn't know/understand/want to believe what our amazing military really goes through. One day I'd really like to read the book as well.

PLL on 'da big screen!
This past Sunday we walked into Best Buy to get something for my grandpa and walked out with a 65' TV! Granted we have been planning to upgrade our 34' tv for a while and we got a deal that was just too hard to pass up! Now we need to get a new TV stand because our current one doesn't hold the weight very well LOL and we can't wait to have a few friends over for the Superbowl this weekend :)

Now that we basically have a movie theater in the basement we have been watching quite a bit of television... specifically The Following! We were hooked after the first episode and I'm counting down the minutes until we get home from work/school tonight so that we can watch more episodes! It is pretty gory, but if that doesn't bother you you should definitely check it out on Netflix!

And because I can't resist talking about my adorable pup- Duke got a new accessory last weekend. Isn't he so handsome? :)


  1. oh how i love PLL!!! their outfits are kind of ridiculous lately!! your pup is SO cute and ive been curious about hot yoga however i would be mortified to sweat and stink the place up!

  2. I loved Lone Survivor and feel like it should be required of everyone to see it! I have the book and plan to read it next week on vacation. I could always email it to you if you want!

  3. i am afraid to try hot yoga because i am afraid i will die of sweat loss! i am already sweaty enough

  4. I am soooo addicted to froyo! And can we just make it known that your fur baby is so freaking CUTE! I love the tie! Just stumbled upon your blog, following now :)

    Emily @ Southern Expectations

  5. I'm glad that hot yoga was an unforgettable experience for you. I guess you'll never know how much fun you'll have doing something unless you try it. Hahaha! Anyway, Duke looks adorable in that spotted tie. He is such a charmer. Thanks for sharing that! All the best to you! :)

    Randal Barber @ Poggi's Animal House