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Duke's First Day at Daycare


We have been talking about taking Duke to a Doggy Daycare for months, but just kept putting it off. Then we had a really bad day where he wasn't listening, being aggressive, and I just snapped. That was it. Something needed to change. We toured the daycare the next week and decided that it would be best if we waited until after the new year to send him, because there were over 100 dogs there due to the holidays and pet owners traveling! But now it's the new year and time to try daycare out!

Here's the cutie at 6:25am so excited to go for a ride {he loves being in the car}!

We were pretty nervous going in. We worried that we'd be wasting our money {$27/DAY!} if he didn't like it or slept the whole time. We worried that he'd be aggressive with another dog or worker {he isn't really aggressive... just rowdy}. But we knew we had to give it a shot. We wanted him to have the socialization and to get him out of crate on a day that everyone is away from the house for 7 hours.

So I dropped him off on my way to work one morning. And as soon as I got to work I pulled up the webcams and proceeded to watch him on and off for the whole day! Yes, I'm that person.

This is what my photos folder looked like...

In my defense Thomas couldn't watch so I was sending him a picture every time he did something different LOL From what I could see on the webcam he was loving it! He played with other dogs, was smiling {yes Keeshonds smile}, and when he was tired he laid down. I was so proud of him.

Thomas picked him up after he got off work and Duke was pooped. As soon as he got in the car he did this...

He even came home with this adorable first day card {which I'll be putting in his scrapbook... yes I'm making my damn dog a scrapbook.. WHO AM I?!}..
" I obey daycare rules pretty well except for some mounting of my new dog and people friends- oops"

That's funny that they mentioned that seeing as I WAS WATCHING the webcam when he decided it was a good idea to hop on the workers back {who was kneeling} and start humping her! I almost died of embarrassment. Only my dog....

For the next day and a half he was exhausted and it was glorious! The calmest I've ever seen him! And that my folks makes it worth every single penny. He'll definitely be going back :)


  1. That is so awesome that they have a webcam you can watch! I have always thought about bringing our pups to daycare so they could have more interaction but it is pricey, especially when you have two!

  2. He is so handsome! I have never heard of taking your dog to daycare, this is awesome!

  3. keep that mounter under control ;)

  4. Aw! I'm glad he had a good day. He is so handsome!