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Friday Five {Vol. 9}


TGIF! Today has been another really longggg week and I'm definitely in need of a break {don't we all?}! Anywho here are five items I'm loving this week!

{01} Command strips/hooks/clips are one of the best creations. We used the in the apartment because we didn't want to put holes in the wall and we're using them at my in-laws because we know it's only temporary.  I recently found these cord clips and HAD to have them. Having my iPhone fall off of my nightstand won't happen anymore! When we move I plan to use them for all of the pesky little cords.

{02} I'm officially addicted to Lululemon and it's not necessarily a good thing. My nanny family gave me a gift card for Christmas so I finally got my hands on a pair of Wunder Unders and they are hands down the best leggings I've ever owned! I hope to add the crops into my collection soon! I'm also dying to try the much raved about Zella Live In leggings. If you couldn't guess I wear yoga pants/leggings at least 5x a week. Oh the joys of being a nanny! :)

{03} I think I've mentioned my love for NorthFace zip ups before and here I am doing it again. With the rest of the gift card I got two Mezzaluna hoodies {in ivory & blue} and they are SO comfortable, warm, and in my opinion look pretty feminine.

{04} The Oakley sunglasses I talked about last week arrived and I love them! Now I just need the sun to come out so that I can wear them :) Ohhhh Summer where art thou?!

{05}This week I was wondering the aisles of Target {NEVER a good thing} when I thought about looking in the shoe department one last time for the black boots I've been looking for forever {they're all sold out online and in the stores around me} and what do you know- they had them! IN MY SIZE! I have them in brown and wear them often, but wanted black also for those times I wear black or blue tops.

And now I basically need to turn myself in for being a shopaholic. What are you absolutely loving this week?


  1. I have been hunting for brown boots forever, I need to look better at Target. I wish I could get a job as a nanny just so I could wear comfy clothes all day, seriously on the weekends it's all I live in!

    1. DSW is another great place for shoes! I usually have to get wides and they're one of the only affordable stores.

      Comfy clothes is definitely a perk to this job :)

  2. Ah love those sunnies!! I have the Zella Live In leggings and adore them!! I wear them with casual outfits rather than working out in them because I'm afraid to ruin them somehow. haha! Have a great weekend!

  3. Target's Boots were on a great sale this week! I hope you got a great deal on yours!

  4. I'm intrigued by Lululemon but the price tag is too daunting! They look super cute and comfy though!