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Friday Five {Vol 9}


I can't believe that it's already Friday! I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow and Sunday. Who really needs to know that I consider 8:30 sleeping in ;) Anywho, here's 5 things that I'm really loving this week-

T being back home
Duke and I really missed T while he was in Arizona! He had a great time, but said he wishes I went with him. He isn't happy about Michigan's weather or the fact that he had to sit on the plane for an extra hour while crews defrosted the doors to get them open! I'm excited to spend some quality time with him this weekend :)

My TV shows being back
So glad the midseason hiatuses are over! The only shows I watch weekly are Pretty Little Liars, SVU, and Revenge. I'm excited for Chicago PD too! Love me some Sophia Bush ;)

Hunter Socks
My in-laws got me a pair of sock liners for my Hunter boots and I'm obsessed with them! Obsessed as in.. I've been wearing them everyday for the past two weeks! They make the boots so much more practical. I'm thinking of getting the blue pair as well...

New blog followers
I cleaned up my BlogLovin feed and found a few new fun blogs to follow this past week, but I also gained a few new followers! Which I think is really exciting! Hello new readers :)

2014 Erin Condren planner
Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my planners! I love the beginning of a new year so that I can start using a new planner. I plan on sharing my new Erin Condren planner and how I use it next week so stay tuned :)

What are you loving this week?


  1. i really, really need to invest in the hunter socks! also revenge. yes please.

    1. I wear them SO much more now, because they're waterproof unlike UGGs.

  2. ah i love PLL.. (and ravenswood) but i will be honest i thought the opening episode was a semi let down! i'm sure it will pick up.

    p.s. did you see their dresses? i would NEVER get away with wearing those clothes to HS. ha. so silly.

    1. There is a lot of little details that makes me LOL during PLL, but it's still so addicting! I wasn't impressed with the concept of Ravenswood so I haven't watched any of it. I'll be really pissed if they keep doing crossovers! And I'm with you- I wasn't really impressed. But maybe that's because I had to DVR it and I hate not watching shows live.

  3. Thank you for getting me obsessed with EC planners!!! I owe it all to you lol.

    Isn't revenge getting so good?! Glad T is back home!!

  4. Thanks for suggesting the planner!! I love it.