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Thursday Thoughts {Vol 18}


I know I'm posting this a little late... like 6pm late.. but I felt like rambling..

- My first week back at work has been a little crazy. Monday-Wednesday the girls had snow days so all 3 were home alllll day. Those were really long days. Days that made me question if I ever want children LOL Add 10 hours of overtime and I'm going a little insane. I did really miss them though :)

And I can't say I mind the overtime pay though, because it just bought me these beauties-
Finally a aviator style that fits my face! I ordered them off of Zappos so they should be delivered by Saturday!!

- T and I finished the first season of Orange is the new Black and OMG I can't believe it ended like that! I just could not stop laughing during the Christmas play scene because of this....
{Her crown is made out of tampons!} I almost started crying from laughing so hard! Can't wait for season 2! Now we need to find another show to watch together- any suggestions?!

- T and I have started talking about where we want to go on our anniversary trip this year and we're thinking Gatlinburg, TN. Staying in a secluded cabin, hiking, nature, white water rafting, ect. sounds incredible. Has anyone ever been?

- I'm working on a special project for a friend and I can't wait to give it to her and then to share it! So that'll be coming soon ;)


  1. are those oakely sunglasses? i have a small head and have been searching for an aviator pair that would fit me!

    1. They are Oakley. I've never spent that much on sunglasses, but like I said- I've NEVER found aviators that fit my face!

  2. HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER! We're addicted! And, Netflix has all, but the current season {like the one that is on RIGHT NOW!}

  3. Woohoo for Holiday pay! I love Tennessee, so that sounds like a great plan.

  4. Gatlinburg is awesome! I used to go all the time as a kid, and last year took my husband in the fall and we did the cabin thing. I stayed at Timber Top Cabins, and they were spectacular. Oh, and try one of the many pancake houses. You won't regret it.