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2014 Erin Condren Planner


I jumped on the Erin Condren Life Planner train two years ago and am now on my 3rd planner. Obviously I'm hooked! I've always had a planner- I vividly remember writing in my school given Emerson Middle School planner in 7th grade. Even though I'm not in school at the moment I still use it everyday and don't know what I'd do without it. I just could never switch to a digital planner. I like colored pens too much ;)

Anywho here's a look at my new planner and the items I use with it-

I'm loving turquoise lately! This year I went with the Zig Zag pattern and added a quote that I really like "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... It's learning to dance in the rain." The owl pouch is from Barnes and Noble.

What's inside the owl pouch- a notebook, pens {sharpie pens are my favorite at the moment}, a pouch with all of the EC stickers, post-it notes, white-out, and an eraser!

I have no idea why this photo is vertical when it's saved as horizontal... any ideas?
Here's what the weeks typically look like- I keep track of my work schedule & pay, appointments, Duke's grooming needs, TV shows, errands, and activities.

A closer look

When I was in school I had a color coded system, but I don't think it's necessary at this point. I love the 4 sections- morning, afternoon, night, and the lines at the bottom. It keeps me on task and breaks up my day. I have plenty of room to make little notes when needed. I definitely think they're worth every penny of the $60 price tag!

How do you keep yourself on track? Do you prefer digital or paper planners?


  1. I absolutely love my EC planner! People think I am crazy for spending so much money on it, but my life definitely would not be the same!

  2. and you have cute handwriting.... look at you go.

  3. I love the new layout of the EC this year! This is my first year without one and I am really thinking I might just get one because the one I got from Target doesn't hold a candle to EC

  4. Thanks for the photos! I've never had one of these and was always curious what the hype was - now I see!

  5. You are the reason I got an EC planner!! I'm so grateful I love mine!!


    I do a color-coded system right now for my daily commitments :) I love it! Your planner is pretty!

  6. Found you via Stephanie from Living in the Moment through her Cheers not Jeers post!
    I am in LOVE with your planner and need to go make one immediately!!