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Weekend Recap {Vol. 16}


I said that I was going to get better about taking pictures this weekend and it didn't happen... again. I didn't take even take ONE picture on Thomas' birthday for pete's sake! But, despite not having any pictures we had an amazing weekend. So good that I didn't open my laptop once and for the most part stayed off of my phone! Anyway, here's a little recap with bullet points-

  • While T was at work Saturday I went to my grandparents to use grandma's new Kitchenaid stand mixer to make T's Cherry Chip birthday cake! Such a sweet machine :) I love being able to pop by and spend a little time with them whenever I want to.

Duke enjoyed chewing on his bone in front of the Christmas tree!

  • We had dinner at Bahama Breeze with T's parents and it was yummy just like it always is. 
  • Then we met our friends at the bar to watch the MSU vs Ohio State football game and what a game it was! The boys were going crazy! Thomas said he'll always remember that MSU went to the Rose Bowl on his birthday LOL

  • We spent yesterday shopping- T treated me to my very first "legit" shopping spree! We also picked up a few Christmas presents. While we were walking Duke T said "You know, today was the first time in a while that I felt like a real married couple" and it's true. We had such a great day together, doing everyday things, and it was just the two of us. We need to have days like this more often!

What a studly 25 year old he is! 

Not an insanely busy weekend where we're hurting now, but still a fun-filled one. My favorite kind :)

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  1. It sounds like you had a fun weekend.

    What did you end up getting on your shopping spree?