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Friday Five {Vol. 7}


I've been feeling down in the dumps/overwhelmed these past few days and I can't seem to shake it. I'm glad it's Friday and that the week is over. Hopefully this weekend will bring some relaxation, but also productivity. Here are my five random things for this weeks link-up!

{01} T's Birthday
Tomorrow is my sweet husband's 25th birthday! He'll be a quarter of a century old guys! Unfortunately he has to work during the day, but we do have dinner plans with his parents and then we're heading to the bar to watch the MSU vs Ohio State game. Even though I'm a Michigan fan I'll be rooting for the Spartans/anyone playing the Buckeyes and I'm sure it'll be a good game.

{02} Demon Furbaby Duke
I reached my breaking point this week and simply cannot keep living the way we are. I dread coming home everyday because I don't want to deal with the mess that is also known as our dog. We really slacked on training him once our puppy classes ended and it has caught up to us BIG TIME. I'm done with the jumping, biting, barking, and not listening. So we're trying to retrain him ourselves for a while and if that doesn't work calling in professional help. Wish us luck. We definitely need it. Does anyone have any good websites/book recommendations?

{03} Decorating
Last night T and I started decorating my grandparent's 14 foot tree! Due to having Parkinsons my grandpa can't get on a ladder anymore so we strung the lights and put up all the ornaments near the top of the tree. I'm glad we were able to do this for them, especially since we aren't putting up our own tree this year. I love decorating the tree together every year and really missed it while I was away at school.

{04} Vacation
Eight more days of work and then I'm on vacation for two and a half weeks! It can't come soon enough. Working OT has drained everything out of me this week. And our jammed pack schedule is one of the reasons I've been feeling so overwhelmed.

{05} Star Wars
I'm currently watching Star Wars Episode 4 with my youngest nanny child. This job rocks!



    I hope you get out of your funk- there's something in the air because I've been feeling that way too. Happy weekend :)

  2. That tree is amazing! And good luck with Duke, we still struggle sometimes with Chester, but being consistent seems to be the key for us. If we start slacking on discipline he totally takes advantage of us!

  3. at least christmas decorations makes up for the demon dog a little?!

  4. Have a great weekend girl! Happy bday to your hubs!