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Weekend Recap {Vol. 15}


Am I the only one that feels even more exhausted after this long weekend?! I was dragging really hard this morning. And the long weekend didn't go exactly as planned. I had all of these items on my to do list that I never got to, couldn't sleep in {who knows why}, and now I'm counting down the days until Saturday again! However, we had a great Thanksgiving and I'm thankful that today starts a new week... now I just need to make sure it's a productive week! So here's a tiny recap on my long weekend with absolutely no pictures {FAIL!}-

Wednesday night we went out to the bar with some friends and enjoyed the Red Wings game. Thanksgiving day T had to work until 2:30 and then we headed straight to his Aunt's house for a delicious dinner with his family. Friday we spent the day at my grandparents with my family and then Friday night we went out to a Tavern with all of my girlfriends, my cousin who was in town from out of state, and some other friends. We had a great time, but boy was I tired the next day! Saturday we just hung out with T's family and then some of our friends. Sunday we went to see The Hunger Games in IMAX and it was amazing! So glad we saw it in IMAX :)

 Here's the only picture I managed to snap- Duke at the Christmas tree lot where my grandparents got their 14 FOOT tree! Can't wait to help them decorate it :)

Now I really need to get my butt in gear with these grad school applications! Wish me luck!

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  1. It sounds like you had a very fun weekend!