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Grad School Update


I've been meaning to post about my grad school application process has been going for weeks now. Better late than never right?

For a little background information- I graduated from Western Michigan University this past April with a Bachelors degree in Speech-Language Pathology. In order to work in this field you need a Masters degree. Last year I only applied to one school and got rejected. I decided that taking a year off was in my best interest anyway and I'm so glad I did. Now it's time to apply again.

This time I'm applying to five schools- Eastern Michigan, Wayne State, Grand Valley, Michigan State, and Western Michigan. I honestly don't have a preferred school, I just want to get in somewhere. SLP is an extremely competitive and rigorous program so I'm not being picky.

I mentioned that I took the GRE in October and did well enough {in my opinion}, I have 3 outstanding references {one of my SLP professors, my clinic supervisor, and the SLP I shadow/volunteer with every week}, and now I'm filing out these applications. Which means entering every single class I've ever taken, all the volunteering I've done, ect. It isn't hard work, it's just tedious and time consuming. I'm 95% done with this proportion and next up is writing my personal statements and academic statement. I am draggggging with this part of the application process. But I'll get it done within the next week. My goal is to have all applications submitted around December 15th even though they aren't due until the middle of January/beginning of February.

I'm just ready for the process to be over. I'm ready to know if I'm supposed to be a speech-language pathologist or not. I'm ready to pay for these applications so that the fees aren't hanging over my head anymore {goodbye $800}. I'm ready to find out where we're moving to next. Waiting for the decisions is going to be the hardest part, because it might not be until August! Oh boy, I sure hope that isn't the case.

So there's where I'm at with my applications and what's ahead. I'd appreciate any good thoughts sent my way!


  1. Good luck Corie!! I'm sure you will get in!! I know how hard it is to work in a field where you need a Masters. My sister is dealing with that right now with Social Work. Sending you happy, positive thoughts!

  2. oh man good luck! sounds stressful for sure.