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Thursday Thoughts {Vol. 17}


You guys are in for a reaaaal treat today, because my mind is going a thousand miles per minutes and I just have SO MUCH I want to write about! This is what I get for skipping last week... Buckle up!! ;)

The Best Body Workout class that I've been taking ended last and I haven't decided if I'm going to take it again next semester or not. I liked the class, but I just feel like I can do the same workout at home. And if I'm doing it at home I can do it more than once a week. I guess should also mention that I'm terrible at following an instructor. I am always off, missing something, and look like a dang fool. I had this problem when I took Zumba too. So I think I'm just going to stick to taking the Yoga class, which I hope to start soon {once my grad school apps are in}!

I have a little confession to make... I've been buying all of my own Christmas presents this year. You seee... Thomas got a new gun for his present so he isn't going to have anything "under the tree" and the things that I really wanted {bookcase, Naked3 palette, Michael Kors purse} have all gone on sale recently so I scooped them up! I love that I'm getting them all on sale {except the palette} and we'll still both be surprised with our stocking gifts to one another and what other people get us. So I call it a win-win ;)

Did any of you crazies participate in Black Friday this year? I did... from the comfort of my bed. There's NO WAY I'd ever deal with those kinds of crowds to get a good deal. I rather keep my sanity. Anywho, I grabbed some Yoga accessories from Manduka online, but I'm waiting for them to get delivered. I did receive an amazing box from Bath and Body Works though!

I can't express how delicious Peach Bellini smells! I have the soaps, wallflowers, car scents, hand soap, and now candle! B&BW was having a good deal AND I had a coupon too. Love stocking up :)

Speaking of stocking up... I may have a little bit of a problem...
If you counted THIRTEEN bottles of soap you would be correct. Who in their right mind needs that many bottles?! My husband will kill me when he finds out! LOL I just always get sucked into their 6 for $$$ deals.

Welp I gotta wrap this up, because I need to go pick up N {the youngest} from school! I wish I had the time to type all of my random ass thoughts. Until next week..


  1. hahaa my kitchen pantry looks just like your picture of all the soaps!!! I LOVVVE stocking up on them during their crazy sales. and they really are the best soaps for the bathrooms and kitchens!

    and my blogger friend Kalie introduced me to Peach Bellini. IT IS HEAVENLY!!!!

  2. I stocked up at BBW over the weekend for their Black Friday sales and got 4 soaps and 2 candles! I also got one of their $10 perfumes that actually smells SO good!!

    I want the Naked3 Palette SO bad! {I am not a name brand makeup person - but I LOVE those colors}. I signed up for the re-stock notifications and got one last week and as soon as I went on {less than an hour after it was sent} they were sold out again! GRR

  3. i LOVE peach Bellini! It's my favorite!

  4. I love Bath & Body Works. I've been shopping there since I was so young and I received a gift set for Christmas one year.