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How I Store my Jewelry and Supplies {WIMW Vol. 15}


I've come to realize that I'm mainly just posting these posts for myself. I don't know why, but I like looking back and seeing how I stored/organized things and seeing if there's a difference. I also love sharing my ideas and hope that others can takeaway some tips. I just felt like I needed to throw that out there :)
Anyway, today I'm posting how I store my jewelry and jewelry cleaners.

I am not a big jewelry girl. I don't like costume jewelry. I only wear my wedding ring every single day. When I'm dressing up I'll wear a simple necklace, stud earrings, and my Pandora bracelets.

I keep my most worn jewelry on my nightstand in a mirrored box that I got from Hobby Lobby! The rest of my jewelry is kept in a bulky, black container that is currently packed away so I'll edit a picture in at another time. Trust me... it's nothing special. Maybe one day I'll become more of a jewelry fan.

I keep all of the cleaning supplies in this little container that I picked up at Target!

Sterling silver cleaning cloth, Diamond stick, and liquid cleaner for diamonds and for pearls. I try to clean my most worn jewelry once every two weeks. I take the Pandora bracelets in to be cleaned any time I go to the mall. I would not recommend cleaning them yourself!


  1. I need a better way to store my stuff! It is a total cluster!

  2. so how exactly do you use the "diamond stick" >?>