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What's in Duke's Grooming Tote {WIMW Vol. 14}


I think it's pretty obvious how OCD/over-organized I am {or at least try to be} so it shouldn't be a surprise that I hated having Duke's items strewn all over the house. His brushes in the cabinet, his towel and shampoo in the bathroom, and his dental care items downstairs. It drove me crazy! So when I came across the Martha Stewart Grooming Tote I knew that I had found my solution! Not to mention it was on sale :) So here's a peak at what tools we use to keep Duke good looking and how we store them.

 Various brushes- grooming a Keeshond is no joke!

 Baby powder for those messy bums LOL
 Toothpaste and brushes.

 Towel, shampoo, and shopping bags which we use when we're brushing him to corral the fur.

This dog is so high maintenance ;)

I love having everything all together, being able to just grab the tote, and groom away! Eventually I plan to post our grooming process since we do it all ourselves.

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