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I realized that I haven't updated {in depth} on the four-legged child of mine in awhile so this post is long overdue. And he's changed quite a bit since that last post...

The biggest change I've noticed is that he's calmed down a lot. He might only be super hyper/crazy dog {especially if he hasn't been walked} for two hours out of the day as opposed to five or six. He still has his moments.. trust me, but he has gotten a lot better. It definitely makes life easier for us. We even let him sleep in our room {not in his crate!} the other night and he did amazing!

We now know what he likes/doesn't destroy in 24hrs in terms of toys. West Paw Designs have been a huge life {and money!} saver. He also loves these natural filled bones and will spends hours chewing/gnawing at them. We will always have at least one "in stock"!

He no longer eats with the Kong dispenser and is back to a regular bowl. He doesn't inhale food like he used to so we didn't see the point in still using the dispenser. His favorite treats are dog bones, frozen green beans, carrots, and peanut butter. He still is extremely {and only} motivated by food LOL

He's always been really good on his leash and going for walks. When we moved we stopped using his harness and now we're trying to use it again... big mistake. We don't need it for our daily walks, but when we're out in public {soccer games, festivals, ect} I'd like to have it on as added "protection." Now that he's full size and 45lbs he can pull me a little if he tries hard enough and it makes me feel a little uneasy when we're in populated areas.

T & I took him to the field last week for the first time in months! After "running away" a few times we really didn't trust him to ever be off of his leash when he's not in a contained area. But he just loves running in the field so much and it makes him so happy that we took our chances and tried again. Loaded with lots of treats and after one little scare {I really thought he was just going to bolt} he did great! It made us so happy to see him so happy and for him being obedient.

Now don't get me wrong there are still a lot of things we need to work on with him- jumping up on the counters/people {biggest thing!}, biting/tugging, getting too riled up, ect. But we understand that he's still only a puppy and these things take time... a lot of time.

He makes us smile every single day and we can't imagine our lives without him. He is definitely worth all those sleepless nights, cleaning up pee every 20 minutes, throwing away countless items, and the money we've spent on him. He is and always will be a member of our family.

 Freshly pampered- last Sunday we gave him a bath, trimmed his nails & feet hair, and cleaned his ears.

So there's a little update about the cutest pup you ever did see ;)

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