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Happy Birthday Duke!


Today is my bugs first birthday. How has it only been ten months since he came home with us?! Most days it feels like it's been years. I can't really remember my days without his annoying adorable self.

 One week old

 The night we brought him home- December 7, 2012

Getting up at the crack of dawn, cleaning up accidents multiple times a day, being bite almost daily, numerous things getting chewed/ruined, and yet I still love him more than anything {besides his Papa!}

He makes me smile and laugh every single day. He gives the best kisses. He forces us to be more active. To do things we wouldn't have done before. He's taught us a whole lot about responsibility. He's forced me to learn patience. He showed us that we aren't ready for human kids quite yet and for that I am forever grateful {seriously!}

Most importantly he's turned me into dog lover and now for the rest of my life I don't think I'll be without one. How could you when they've become such a huge part of your life? I am so excited for the next 10+ years with him!

Happy first birthday Duke! You're the best pup anyone could ask for and I'm so lucky you're mine!