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Monthly Goals {October}


I meant to post this last week, but never got around to it. First off lets see how I did with my September Goals..

  •  Study for GRE at least 5 hours a week - Accomplished
  • Take Duke to a park/large area where he can run - Not accomplished... We no longer trust him in an open field so I'm on the hunt for a good dog park
  • Treat my grandparents to a special Grandparents Day- Accomplished! We took them to Benihana and had a great time!
  • Go to the Columbus Zoo - Accomplished and we had such a great time that we've decided to make it a yearly trip!
  • Start scraping regularly/get Army book completed - Big fail... I didn't do any scraping

And here are the things I'd like to accomplish this month-

  • Do my best on the GRE and then LET IT GO
  • Complete 4 craft projects - I have big plans for my wisdom teeth removal break!
  • Scrap at least 4 pages of T's Army book - I'd really like to have it completed by his birthday or Christmas
  • Organize all of our storage boxes - I want to clean out every single one of our boxes and "repack" more efficiently which includes numbering the boxes and having a list of what is inside each
  • Start grad school prep- brainstorm personal statement, get paperwork in order, ect.
  • Clean off laptop and back it up onto hard-drive
  • Post two blog posts that are currently on my "blog to-do list"

What would you like to accomplish this month?


  1. I'm finally getting caught up on my scrapbooks! I ordered a photobook for one of my scrapbooks instead of doing it myself, but I have accomplished so much and have all my pictures printed. I'm hoping I can get it updated to the current month asap!

  2. Every time I make "Goal Lists" I never complete anything on them. I'm a more of a "Go With The Flow" type of person. I would like to start actually paying off our wedding venue instead of just saving money, though. ;)

  3. I need to make a list like this too! It's so much easier to accomplish when it's organized ;)