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What's on my Fall Bucket List {WIMW Vol. 8}


I know you've seen these lists floating around the blogosphere ever since September rolled around and you're probably sick of them, but I'm posting mine anyway ;)

It seems like fall is everyones favorite season and while I do enjoy it, it is not my favorite {summer is}. And there is only one reason for that- it means that winter is coming. And I despise winter {usually... we'll see if I change my tune this year}.

Anywho, I still have a few things that I'd like to do before that dreaded white stuff comes and here they are!

{1} Attend a football game
We all know that I loveee football {ahem... the name of my little space on the internet} and while I hope we can go to a college or NFL game, I'll even settle for my good ole Franklin Patriots.

{2} Make my Grandpa's chili recipe and spend a Sunday watching football

{3} Go to the Plymouth Orchards and Cider Mill
Get a few fresh donuts and apple cider, take a hay ride, and pick a pumpkin!

{4} Have a bonfire and make s'mores!
My mouth is drooling just thinking about it...

{5} Get family pictures taken
This is definitely happening! T, Duke, and I say cheeseeee :)

{6} Take Duke to the dog park/a field so he can run

The next month and a half of topics for What's in my ____ Wednesday:
Sept. 18- Fall purse
Sept. 25- Gym bag
Oct. 2- Car
Oct. 9- Desk
Oct. 16- Scrap desk and storage
Oct. 23- Work bag {take 2}
Oct. 30- iPhone

Feel free to link-up if you'd like! {I'm not going to post the little widget until I know someone else has participated}

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