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Thursday Thoughts {Vol. 7}


Every week I have a million thoughts swirling around in my head and I often wonder how it doesn't explode ;) But that's why I'm sharing some of these awesome thoughts with you!

  • This week I started helping out with my cousins soccer team and words can't describe how great it feels to be back on the field {I played for 7 years}! I always knew that I missed it, but I didn't realize how much until this week. It was such a huge part of my life until I graduated high school- something I did at least three times a week. Even though it adds more onto my 98% full plate I am so happy that I'm doing it! Now I need to go buy myself a pair of cleats and hot pink ball!
  • After living in an apartment with zero picture frames {okay that's a lie... there were 3?} I vowed that at our next place, no matter how long we're living there, I'd decorate. Then while I was reorganizing the basement I realized that there's no reason that can't start now, at my in-laws. So off to Michaels I went and I finally found affordable {under $10} frames that I loved! Now I'll slowly be stocking up on various sizes {yes I'm anal and like all of my frames, that are near one another, to match} so that when we move they'll be ready. 
  • Speaking of reorganizing or just organizing in general... I have been bitten by the bug. The organizing bug. My brain is going crazy with all the things I wish I could organize or how I'll organize in the future.  I am a nut job.
  • One of my big goals is to get back into scraping! I have a couple albums already planned- Army, Duke's first year, and vacations up until now. Then starting in 2014 I want to do a yearly book and I've been thinking about how I'm going to achieve this goal. I've seen Project Life all over blog land, Instagram, ect. for a while, but I wasn't really interested until recently. Since the biggest problem I face is time I think this might work out amazingly for me. I want to do some more research, but as of now I'm leaning towards PL instead of "traditional" scraping. Are any of you Project Lifers?
  • Why does it always feel like your to do list NEVER ends?! Everyday my list gets longer and longer and... longer. And the time to complete the tasks gets shorter and shorter. AHH!
  • I really need to fix the labels on my blog... 
And there you have it... some thoughts swirling around in my head this week.


  1. I just looked up Project Life because of this post and am learning more about it. Since I'm SO far behind on my scrapbooks and time is my biggest problem too, it's something I might consider. I've always been considering photo books too because I love them!

    1. After looking at the supplies in stores I'm definitely switching! Michaels sells it and their coupons are allowed to be used!

  2. I love the idea of Project Life! I want to do one, but I want to start on an important date.. which I can't think of!

  3. I was going to do Project Life but I'm just going to stick with regular scrapbooking instead of using the kits because they are a bit pricey.

    I do think I'm going to invest in the Snap Studios kit though.