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What's in Duke's bag {WIMW Vol. 7}


I originally planned on posting what I carry in my purse, but I haven't had time to take those pictures yet. So I had to dig up a category that I've already taken the pictures for and that's how this weeks topic is Duke's bag. I will preface this with this: I know that I look like a crazy women, but nothing is more horrible then going somewhere and realizing you don't have what you need. I can't imagine what I'm going to be like when I have a human baby. Watch out LOL

Yes I carry my dog stuff in a VB bag...

 Now onto the contents...
 1. Blanket {Duke LOVES sucking on it} 2. Towel 3. Food & water bowl 4. Toys {LOTS of them} 5. Stake 6 & 7. Treats and poop bags 8. Food bowl and Travel water

I packed this when we took Duke to one of my best friends' birthday party that was hosted at a lake house!

Dog mommies- what do you take when you take your pup with you somewhere?

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