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Monthly Goals {September}


August Goals
  • Rearrange the basement- While there's still more work to be done I considered this completed!
  • Set up iPod Shuffle & clean off Touch- Didn't happen..
  • Read one book- I finished Silver Linings Playbook and I'm almost done with Divergent!
  • Complete the August photo challenge on Instagram- Didn't happen... when I got my new phone I lost all of my pictures. Maybe I'll try it again some other month.
  • Complete two items on my summer to do list- Completed! We went to a zoo and we played Mini Golf!
  • Spend one day at the pool- Completed! We spent the day at T's cousins pool :)
  • Start working out regularly- Didn't happen in August, but it's already happened in September!
I'd say 4/7 isn't too shabby!

September Goals
  •  Study for GRE at least 5 hours a week- I'm registered to take the exam October 12th {cue panic attack...} and this means I'm in crack down mode!
  • Take Duke to a park/large area where he can run- Now that it's getting cooler Duke will be a lot more active and willing to be outside for long periods of time!
  • Treat my grandparents to a special Grandparents Day- We have plans to take them to Benihana for the first time!
  • Go to the Columbus Zoo
  • Start scraping regularly/get Army book completed

I'll be posting my Fall bucket list this weekend!


  1. Good luck with the studying!!! I understand your fear, same fear I'll be feeling while studying for the NCLEX.

    Have fun on Grandparents Day!

    1. I HATE standardized tests more than anything :(

  2. Good luck hun! I may snag this idea for my blog, too. :D