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Weekend Recap {Vol. 9}


I still can't believe that the holiday weekend is over and that it's back to work. We had quite the long weekend...

So let me start off with Friday night.. Duke had a play date here {at my in-laws house} with Lola, my friend's 3 month old puppy. They had a great time and we were confident that both pups would sleep great, so when Duke started to cry five minutes after we put him to bed I figured he just had to go to the bathroom again.. BUT it was storming out and  he wouldn't go anywhere near the door. So I grabbed a pillow and his blanket and made him lay on the floor with me until he fell asleep and he did as you can see in this adorable picture..

After a while I put him back in his crate and called it a night even though he whined for a couple more minutes. Saturday morning rolls around and I'm awoken by a call from T saying Duke ate a pen... okay. and? AND HE GOT BLUE PAW PRINTS ALL OVER THE HOUSE AND LOOKED LIKE A SMURF. AND THREW UP SAID INK.
So he actually wasn't crying about the storm or having to go to the bathroom, he was crying because he ate the inside tube of a pen. Poor baby, but if I wasn't so worried about him I would've been realllyyyy pissed. It took us forever to get the ink out of the rug. Ugh.

After that mess was cleaned and I was certain that he didn't have lead poisoning I did my usual Saturday errands- Meijer, bank, and stopping by my grandparents house to eat lunch. When I got back home I went straight to work downstairs in the basement.. and stayed there until 6pm.

My "workspace"

.. things are slowlyyyy coming together.

I also went through the majority of our boxes and reorganized things... I have issues.

To take a break and spend some time outside T and I went to a local Mexican restaurant for dinner and then played a round of mini golf- one of our favorite activities!
T beat me by 3, but it was a beautiful evening and we had a lot of fun! We even stopped for frozen custard on our way home! Perfect summer date night :)

Sunday morning we spent around the house doing chores and then we spent the rest of the day at my grandparents. We just hung out, grandma went to Michaels with me while T helped my grandpa with a few things around the house, and we ate dinner there. From there we headed to a friends house to go swimming and took Duke along so that he could play with Max!! Both pups swam in their pool for the first time! Duke was half terrified and half excited LOL

Monday morning we woke up early and headed to Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek! It was different than any other zoo I've ever been to, but we still had a good time :) We fed the giraffes, which was cool.

And then we were welcomed home by this cutie :)

I'd say it was a pretty great holiday weekend!


  1. Your weekend looked like so much fun!!!!

    OMG YOUR DOG WITH THE BLUE. SO CUTE, although I know you guys must've been irritated!

    I love your workspace!

  2. I'm glad you had a great holiday weekend.

    That picture of Duke cracks me up! I'm so glad he's okay and that him ingesting the pen didn't hurt him.

    I love your workspace! =)