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Friday Five {Vol. 5}


So today I'm going to post about five of my favorite things at the moment {and they're completely random}!

1. Basement "makeover"- Like I've mentioned before, T and I are currently living with his parents and the plan is that we will be until next August. Since this is a semi-long period of time we've decided to make a living space in their basement. We will have our TV set up down there, a workout area, and a "office" area. Even though we're still waiting on our couch I decided to set up the office area last night so that I could have a place to study and get scraping! I'm feeling motivated and that makes me so happy!

We set up our dining table, bought a piece of plexiglass so that I don't ruin the tabletop, organized my craft supplies in the 6-cube organizer, and I have a few other small things to pick up for that area. I also need to pick up two more sets of workout mats, because clearly one is not enough LOL Everything {except the bookcase} in the corner will be moved and that area is where our couch will go. There's still some work to do, but I'm happy with the progress.

2. Laptop Cooling Pad- I order this gem off of Amazon last week and it has been a lifesaver! I can finally blog in bed without my laptop without overheating or my legs catching on fire! It's super comfy too.

3. Summer Weather- Summer has decided to show up in Michigan again. Just in time for everyone to go back to school {one reason I'm glad I'm not going back}. This summer has been really strange weather wise and it makes me anxious for winter, because who knows how it'll go...

4. Nook Update- I got a Nook HD+ for Christmas last year and to be honest I was kind of disappointed at first and regretted not getting an iPad Mini instead. Well with nook's new update I don't feel that way anymore! B&N paired up with Android and now I can watch YouTube videos, surf the web on Google Crome, watch Netflix, ect. It's great!

5. Otterbox Case- Of course I had to order a new Otterbox when I got the new phone and I loved that I got to customize it by picking both colors. I went with grey and pink!

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