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Thursday Thoughts {Vol. 10}


Is it just me or is time flying by at a warped speed?! I can't believe that October is next week! Where has this year gone? Next thing I'll know it'll be Christmas! Jeez!

  • Speaking of October there's a lot of things coming up around here- Duke's FIRST birthday, we're getting family pictures taken, I'm taking the GRE, we'll be celebrating Thomas being home from Afghanistan for two years and in Michigan for a year, I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed, Halloween, birthdays, and I'm sure there will be even more fun things! Phew, it'll definitely be a crazy month.
  • I can't even describe how excited I am for Duke's birthday! I've bought all of his presents, birthday hats, and I'm ordering his cake- yes cake!- this weekend :) He's definitely one spoiled pup and I can't wait to capture it all.
  • There are only 9 days until I take the GRE and to be honest I'm still terrified even after all of the prepping I've done {1 hour/day}. I just want to get it over with so it's not hanging over my head and then I can figure out what my next step is. In other grad school application news, I got a volunteer/observing position with the SLP at the elementary school my FIL teaches at! I'll be working with her every Thursday for a couple of hours!
  • I'm probably the only 23-year old that would be upset about their belly button piercing closing up, but I am :( The ring fell out during the soccer scrimmage I mentioned yesterday and I didn't have anymore at home. Bummer! Oh well, I can always get it repierced.
  • These last few weeks I've had a strong urge to organize. Sometimes I just get in the mood to clean everything and reorganize it, does this happen to anyone else? It's just weird, because we live at my in-laws house and the only places I can change are our bedroom, half bath, and our section of the basement. I've just been missing our little apartment like crazy and can't wait to move into our next one.
  • Today I started rewatching One Tree Hill from the beginning. I can't believe that it premiered ten years ago this week! That makes me feel so old seeing as I started watching it when I was a freshman in high school LOL I think it'll always be my favorite show and it holds so many memories for me!

What are some random thoughts that have been on your mind this week?


  1. how fast did the piercing close?? I am 29 and still like mine haha

  2. This year has gone almost TOO fast!!! I can't believe it!

    My dog's birthday is coming up in December. Hes going to be 7, but it's his first year with us so I want to do something too! That is so cute all that you have planned.

    If we don't talk before, best of luck on the GRE!

  3. I can't believe it's been 10 years since OTH has premiered. I'm going to re-watch three of my favorite TV shows from the beginning once I get a little less busy: OTH, Dawson's Creek, & Beverly Hills 90210.