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What's in my Toiletry Bag? {WIMW Vol. 4}


Adding to last week's what's in my overnight bag today I'm posting what I always carry in my toiletry bag no matter where we are going or how long we're gone for. There are things I may add that are trip specific or if we're staying for a longer period of time.

So here's are the necessities that I take every trip..

The bag I've been using is the Petunia Pickle Bottom Travel Train Case and I love it! It is roomy and has so many different compartments. 

 Shower essentials- missing shower gel.

 Hair brush, ties, and pins.

 Face products!

And the rest of the random products! Toothbrush and paste, chap stick, floss, qtips, ect.

What do you take in your toiletry bag?
Do you leave it packed all together or take everything out after a trip?

Next week I'll be posting what I take with me to work :)

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    1. This was the first thing I ever purchased from the brand and I'm definitely impressed!