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What's in my Overnight Bag? {WIMW Vol. 3}


While I was planning this weeks blog posts I realized that today would be the perfect time to post what I took on our 1 night/1.5 day trip to Grand Rapids this past weekend! I went very minimalistic with this trip, because we were..
1. going out drinking
2. tubing down a river
3. I wasn't tryin' to impress nobody ;)

... so I only took my Lululemon bag and a cross body purse. The hubs was extremely impressed, but I probably won't do it ever again {I forgot PJS!}. Here's what I had in the bag {I'll post what I take in my purse in the future}-

Clothes. Shoes. Toiletry bag {Coming next week}. Charger. Only necessities people! LOL
Not pictured- Going out outfit.

Have you ever been able to travel with just one bag?
 PS- Happy birthday to meeee :)
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