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What's in my Beach/Pool Bag {WIMW Vol. 6}


This week I'm showing what I carry in my beach/pool bag! Unfortunately, Michigan's weather hasn't been very warm this summer so our beach and pool days have been far and few in between. But, we did get to attend a few pool parties these past few weeks!

1. Towel 2. Small wristlet that holds my ID and cash 3. Koozi 4. Sunglasses 5. Towel clips {they hold your towel in place on a lounge chair} 6. Necessities kit 7. Cup/water bottle 8. Entertainment- phone, Nook, & iPod 9. Wet bikini bag w/ clean undies inside

My necessities kit includes:
1. Wet wipes 2. Chapstick with SPF 3. Kleenex 4. Wide tooth comb 5. Hair ties and bobby pins 6. Hand sanitizer 7. Leave-in-conditioner 8. After sun lotion 9. Deodorant towelette

And here's how everything fits in my bag {Guess from last summer}!!

Now who's ready to hit the beach or pool?!


  1. Where did you get the wet bathing suit bag?? Love it