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Thursday Thoughts {Vol. 6}


What happens when you skip a week of Thursday Thoughts? You have a million thoughts and this post ends up being extremely long. Sorry about that ;)

• My new "job" is great! I really enjoy the girls and the days fly by. I'm sure that once school starts next week they will go by even quicker too. It feels like I'm finally getting paid what I deserve and I love seeing our savings account grow! I click well with my "bosses" and that makes things a lot easier too.

• This job has also proven to me that I am no where near ready to have my own kids and probably won't be for quite a few years. Duke & working in child care has shown me that. We're perfectly fine with this realization, but it's funny that growing up I always said I wanted kids by the time I turned 25 and how absurd that seems now LOL

• Now that I finally have a consistent work schedule I can implement a daily routine back into my life (I've been dying/completely unproductive without one). Our schedule looks like this:
Mon- Work 7:30-5:30, Workout class 7-8 (T has class until 10)
Tues- Work 7:30-5:30, Soccer 6-7 (T has class until 7)
Wed- Work 7:30-5:30, dinner at my grandparents (T has class until 10)
Thurs- Work 3:30-5:30, dinner at my grandparents with T!
Fri- Work 7:30-5:30, date night
Sat- T works 6:30-2:30 (he works this schedule Tue-Sat) and I'll use this time to blog, scrap, watch the previous weeks TV episodes & study/grad school prep

Crazy busy right?! I also have to do GRE studying every day and take Duke for at least a half hour walk every night. Sometimes I can study at work during "quiet time", but as you can see I don't have any time for blogging during the week and therefore have to write my posts on the weekend. But by doing this I can get everything done that I want to and it forces me to be productive.

• We switched from AT&T to Verizon over the weekend and I'm the proud new owner of an iPhone 5, which I got for $10 after turning in my 4s!! ;) I'm actually glad there's not a big difference from my old phone, because it takes me a long time to learn new "products."

• I'm having a really hard time with the realization that I'm not going back to school this fall. For the first time in my entire life. And I'm feeling all sorts of "off" because of it. I feel like I failed. I feel panicked because I don't know what's next. I feel like everything is "up in the air" and don't know when I'll feel settled again. I hate feeling unsettled. AH! I know I need to go with the flow and loosen up, but it is SO hard for me.

 • This has been a really difficult week for my family and I'm just ready for the bad news to end. My precious great-grandma was diagnosed with Colon cancer (for the second time) yesterday and some personal things happened with my mother that I'll write about at another time. 2013 has been a really tough year.


  1. I'm glad you love your new job! I think I'd love nannying and playing with kids all day, but it wouldn't help my job experience in my field at all :(

  2. I'm sorry to hear it's been a rough year :( Praying that things turn around for you guys! I am totally a schedule person too, so hope you are enjoying yours!