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Five on Friday {Vol. 4}


Today {erm... tonight} I'm liking up with these wonderful women for Five on Friday!

{ONE} Have you heard of the Turbie Twist? If not you're seriously missing out! Yes, I know they look a bit ridiculous {Thomas says I look like a granny}, BUT they prevent me from having to wear a heavy towel on my head AND dry my crazy thick hair a lot quicker! Not to mention they're only ~$6. I got mine at CVS and plan on picking up another one!

{TWO} Football is back on TV! Oh how I love football ;)

{THREE} These Bath & Body Works Critter socks are not only adorable {I got an owl pair}, but so comfy and warm too! Not to mention they have little grippers on the bottom. I like wearing them around the house.

{FOUR} We ordered our couch! We ended up going with the Chocolate color and got the protection package too so we don't have to worry about Duke ;) Now we have to wait up to 8 weeks for it to be delivered..

{FIVE} I have some "big" news and I can't wait to tell you more.. check back on Tuesday ;) But I will say that I am not pregnant! LOL


  1. I LOVE the couch and can't wait to hear about your big news!!! Have a great weekend!

    1. Since you follow me on Twitter you probably already know, but I'm excited to post more details!