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P 52 Catch Up | Weeks 27 - 33


I've been meaning to post these for a few weeks now but just haven't gotten around to it. The majority of these pictures have already been posted here on the blog, but I make these posts more for me than anyone else so feel free to skip ;)

{WEEK 27} This week we celebrated my great-grandma's 90th birthday party! She is such an amazing woman and too busy opening her present instead of looking at the camera.

{WEEK 28} This week T and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary and this was the only picture we took. Fail.

{WEEK 29} This weekend we spent at T's cousins' house enjoying Margarita Sunday!

{WEEK 30} I will have to edit this one in.. I'm not sure I took a picture :(

{WEEK 31} We visited some friends in Grand Rapids and went tubing on the Muskegon River!

{WEEK 32} We celebrated my 23rd birthday! Love my family <3

{WEEK 33} We celebrated the "end" of summer with a pool party at T's cousins house!

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