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August Goals


I mentioned last Thursday that my summer to do list hasn't really worked out for various reasons so I thought I'd change it up and do monthly goals instead. I'm hoping that this way will keep me more on track. I also need to get the hubs on board ;) Anywho, here's my goals for the month of August!

  • Rearrange the basement- Now that I'm officially in GRE crackdown mode I need an "office space" that is isolated. I get distracted way too easily to be upstairs with everyone else while trying to study/work. We also want to put in a workout area as well eventually.
  • Set up iPod Shuffle & clean off Touch- I've had the Shuffle for three weeks now and I still haven't done anything with it. I also need to clean out/make playlists on my iPod Touch.
  • Read one book- Should be simple enough right? I really want to get back into reading.
  • Complete the August photo challenge on Instagram
  • Complete two items on my summer to do list {Having a picnic at our lake & Mini Golf is at the top of my list}.
  • Spend one day at the pool
  • Start working out regularly- Now that my schedule will be becoming more consistent {more on this later this week!} I have no excuse. I need to start working out again.

What would you like to accomplish during the last month of summer?!


  1. I'm excited to read about your fitness goals! Also, I need an office space too. I found a really cute desk at Costco. I may go pick it up!