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Weekend Recap {Vol. 4}


It seems like this summer is just flying by at lightning speed and there's no sign of slowing down. It gets a little overwhelming to be honest. We're still trying to get used to the husband's new job/schedule (only for it to change in another 6 weeks), seeing our families and friends, as well as finding some alone time. And while I feel like a need another weekend just to catch up from this weekend we still had a great time!

I had Friday off  and spent the day reorganizing all of our boxes/stuff in my in-laws basement. This included deep washing all of our pots, toaster oven, towels, ect. Since we know that those belongings are going to be stored for a while I wanted to make sure they don't get permanently stained. So that took a good 5 hours and I'm still not done. Then I had a girls night with my long time girlfriends that included dinner and shopping! Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures (I need to get better at being a blogger lol)

Saturday started bright and early at 7:30am taking the pup for a walk before it got too hot out. The husband had to work so I spent the late morning/afternoon at Art in the Park with my grandparents! It was a lot of fun and if we had our own house I would've bought a ton of things! As soon as T got off work we packed and headed to the Marriott where we spent the night celebrating our one year anniversary! We went to Bennihana for dinner, which was delicious by the way, and came back to chocolate covered strawberries and champagne! It was exactly what we needed and a great way to celebrate an amazing year! We ordered room service for breakfast Sunday morning before heading back home.

 The only thing I bought at the art festival was a special treat for the pup.

The only picture I managed to take (fail!). Chocolate covered strawberries and champagne. Room service breakfast!

Sunday afternoon was first spent at a family reunion on T's side and then at his Aunt & Uncle's house for Margarita Sunday (aka margarita's in the pool). Which was a blast!

 Two of T's cousins & I at Margarita Sunday! I LOVE summer!

Hopefully next weekend I remember to take more pictures ;)

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  1. Aw, glad you had such a fun weekend!

    I totally hear you about the summer FLYING by. My busiest two weeks are this and next and honestly I don't even KNOW how I'm going to pass my two exams because I'm going to have basically ZERO study time.

    Have a great week!