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50 {Random} Facts About Me


I've made lists like this a dozen times before back in the good old days on LiveJournal, but I haven't made on in years and I'm gearing up for my blog revamp that I figured it was the perfect time! I hope you'll learn a little more about me from this list ;)

{01} I was raised by my grandparents since I was 4.
{02} I have one brother, two half-sisters, and one half-brother. That I know of.
{03} I come from a very small family (... well I only talk to one side), yet I married into a huge one.
{04} I have to wear wide shoes, because I have very large bunions.
{05} I have always been extremely active (T. Ball, Gymnastics, Soccer, Track, Cross Country) until college and now I'm trying to get it back.
{06} Football (obviously) and hockey are my favorite sports.
{07} I sucked my thumb until I was 17.
{08} We'd like to have two children one day- a boy and a girl, but we're on a 5 year (minimum) plan.
{09} My dream job would be to be a honeymoon tester.
{10} Purses are my weakness. Not shoes, clothes, ect.
{11} I'm terrible at fashion, meaning I wear the same thing allll the time.
{12} I graduated college with honors.
{13} Exams are very difficult for me, no matter how much I study.
{14} I used to be an extremely picky eater, but slowly that's starting to change (aka I don't put A1 sauce on everything).
{15} My favorite colors are pink and turquoise.
{16} One Tree Hill will always be my favorite show.
{17} I've had the same 3 best friends since I was 5.
{18} I am a huge planner & sometimes it's to a fault.
{19} I've been blogging online since I was 13 (on LiveJournal) and boy are those entries fun to look back on.
{20} Traveling is a huge part of my life and I can't wait to do more of it!
{21} T was my first real boyfriend.
{22} I kissed him first :)
{23} I hate shaving my legs with a passion! ERRR!
{24} I could go to Target everyday and I'll never live more than 15 minutes away from one again!
{25} I am an organizing freak, yet our room is always messy. Ugh.
{26} Carrie Underwood was my first concert in 2008.
{27} Before Duke my only pet was a Beta fish named Squirt.
{28} I make a list for everything... and I usually rewrite them.
{29} I am incredibly inpatient 98% of the time.
{30} I guess you could say that I'm a shopping addict.
{31} I can't stand animation (TV, movies, comics, ect). I just do not like them and never have.
{32} I hate coffee- smell and taste. And it doesn't matter if it's flavored or not.
{33} I used to hate MI, but I've come to love my home state.
{34} My grandpa was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease last December and it was one of the hardest, yet best days of my life (we brought home Duke the same day).
{35} Backstreet Boys was my first CD.
{36} I only enjoy reading fiction/novels.
{37} I'm a worry wart... but I'm working on it.
{38} I want to work at the VA and help those that have done so much for me.
{39} I was a army girlfriend/fiance/wife for three years.
{40} My toe nails are always painted. Always.
{41} I am a horrible swimmer.
{42} I have a really good memory on everyday things.
{43} I've only dyed my hair and it turned out terrible.
{44} My hair is in a pony tail 99.5% of the time.
{45} I have to sleep with a fan on no matter what.
{46} My freckles and eyes are my favorite physical features about myself.
{47} I love making and having traditions.
{48} Summer is my favorite season and winter is the bane of my existence.
{49} I get distracted very easily.
{50} I am always acting like a goof.

1 comment:

  1. We have a lot in common, but I already knew that!

    I sucked my thumb/had a baby blanket until probably about the same age. EEK.

    I can't STAND anyone who doesn't have their toe nails painted... well girls, obviously ;)

    I'm an organization freak. And, a huge list maker :)

    I am such an impatient person!! Biggest weakness argh.