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Friday Letters {Vol. 8}


I'm switching it up a little this week and linking up with Ashley at The Sweet Season for Friday Letters :)


Dear Husband's New Job: I don't appreciate the fact that you feel like you can walk all over him. He is an AMAZING worker and it'll be your lost if things continue this way {he's worked nearly 70 hours during his first week & they're STILL asking him to come in on his first day off! And a lot of other annoying factors that is a post for a different time}. Dear GRE Prep: Why are you so unappealing and difficult? My motivation is at zero and this is a huge problem. Dear Job Search: I'm praying that you're going to come to an end very soon! I really hope one of these nanny positions works out. Dear Duke: Unfortunately we think it's time to say enough is enough and get you a muzzle. NOTHING is stopping him from biting/jumping/taking anything he can get his mouth on {this last part is our fault}. Dear Husband: Words can't describe how excited I am to celebrate our first anniversary tomorrow! I love you <3

1 comment:

  1. That's crazy about T's job!!! No good!

    I have zero motivation for school at this point too. Why did I take a summer class again?