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Wedding Recap | Reception


Here I am the week after our wedding anniversary and I'm STILL recapping our wedding. Thankfully I only have three more installments- reception, little details, and our professional photo album and I'm posting them all this week! Reception today, the little details tomorrow, and the album on Saturday :) So stay tuned!

 The wedding party walked into the reception to the Star Wars anthem LOL

 A Polish wedding tradition-

 Haha I think this picture is hilarious, because my shot was just water and I still choked on it!

 Cutting the cake

 The toast given by one of Thomas' best friends

 First Dance
We danced to You're Still the One by Shania Twain :)

 Grandfather-Granddaughter dance
We danced to Isn't she Lovely by Stevie Wonder

 Mother-Son dance
They danced to ...

 Garter removal
My husband is such a goof haha

 Bouquet toss
Erica, the girl on the far right in the red caught it :)

And of course there was a lot of dancing going on ;)

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  1. I love that picture of Thomas looking at you!! !:)