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Thursday Thoughts {Vol. 2}


It's Thursday again {where has this summer gone?!} so I'm here to blog about all the random thoughts racing through my head ;)

  • The Royal Baby is here! I was really hoping for a girl, but the prince is so adorable! I'm not ashamed to admit that I watched him being introduced to the world live! I remember waking up before the sun rose here in the US to watch the Royal Wedding with my grandma and I watched today with her. I love these memories :) I also love that Kate wore a blue polka dot dress just like Diana did when William was born!
  • Pretty Little Liars is one of the only things I look forward to every week! That show just sucks me in.. and I really wish one of my girlfriends watched it so that we could text each other or watch it together. Thomas isn't as into as I am ;) Haha so it's a good thing he's in class Tuesday nights. Also, speaking of TV, with how insanely busy our weekdays are we need to invest in a DVR receiver before the fall lineup starts!
  • I can't wait to the final draft of my new blog layout! I've been writing/planning all the new links and features for a while now and can't wait to post them! 
  • I have decided to start wearing sport bras everyday to work and while hanging out unless we're going out because they're a. so much more comfortable b. cheaper and therefore I don't get as upset when I sweat/they get gross c. they're easier to wash and d. they're more comfortable haha Does anyone else do this?! My new favorite ones from Target of course ;) SOO comfy! {They'll be in tomorrow's post}
  • The only thing I dislike about summer other than humidity is having to shave almost everyday! There is seriously nothing I despise more -_- It is such a pain in the toosh.
  • Finding time for all of your friends once you get married/enter the real world is hard. With T working Saturdays the only day we really have open is Sunday and when we want to spend time with family, my girlfriends, his guy friends it gets tough. And I feel bad. A lot. Because I hate missing out and feeling like I let people down by not being able to attend every event. But we have to be realistic and fair to everyone... it's a part of growing up.
  • A close friend called me out this week about not responding to text messages and I deserved it! I'm horrible at responding to texts, tweets, blog comments, ect. And I need to really work on it! So if I don't respond keep bugging me until I do ;)
Okay I think that's enough rambling for today! Enjoy your Thursday :)

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