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What's in my Closet {WIMW Vol. 1}


The day is here! The first post in my new Wednesday series/link-up :) Like I mentioned last week I just thought this would be a fun way to document the things I like to carry, have on hand, store, ect. I'm nosy and like to see how other people do as well ;) I'd love to see some link-ups!

This week I'm posting what's in our closet. While I was putting away clothes this weekend I got the urge to reorganize our tiny closet in hopes of making it more functional and more appealing to the eye, because there are no doors/curtains hiding it.

 And here it is in all it's glory! Ridiculously hard to get a picture because of the dresser.

 Left side: On the floor are shoes that don't fit in the holder, longer dresses, and shoe holder.

 The two shelves hold our pants- top being the husbands and bottom being mine. I have my organized by style. L to R: shorts, lounge pants, jeans, and khakis/less worn old jeans.

 On the far left side of husband's shelf he has a bin that holds all of his hats.

 The middle section: Husbands stuff on the left and mine on the right.

 A closer look at my side, with my two most used crossbody purses and beach/pool bag sitting on the floor.

 6 cube storage from Walmart (also sold at Target, Ikea, ect.) This thing has been a LIFESAVER!

 Top row bins L to R: Hats/belts, bikinis/cover ups, and socks.

Bottom row bins L to R: Flip flops/flat sandals, beauty supplies (blow dryer, brush cleaning supplies, nail kit, ect.), and Duke's grooming supplies!

And that is what we keep in our closet for now. We also have our dresser (7 drawers) and two night stands (2 drawers each) that hold more things. It's obvious that I have more items than my husband, but we also both have a TON of stuff stored in my in-laws basement. One day soon we definitely need to purchase the matching chest dresser for our room! Man oh man I miss our old closet!!

Next week I'll be posting what's on my birthday wishlist in honor of my birthday being a week away! I hope to see you all again next week ;)

How do you organize your closet? Is it large or very small? Who takes up more room? ;)


  1. hey corie! so excited to be a part of this series/link up! since we just moved, our closet is a mess and not organized at all but it's okay! i'll still blog about it :) love your closet space! i need to get some of those cube organizers for our closet.. such a good idea! i definitely take up more space than the hubs, like A LOT more. our new closet is a double closet, but with one door.. which is not a smart move, in my opinion.. but i will let you know when i post my link up tonight! :)

    xo donna

  2. CORIE omg I want to do this so badly. I'm going to try to before I leave tomorrow but I have like a trillion things to do before then and I won't be back til Sunday so if I don't get to it I will have to join you next week!