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Friday Letters



Dear Graduation: You're only 8 days away! How did the past 5 years go by so quickly?! I honestly cannot believe it. I finish my undergraduate degree Wednesday at 4pm!
Dear Cruise: That means you're only 9 days away! I am so, so, so excited :)
Dear Job Gods: Please help me find a full time job that I'll enjoy.
Dear Oakley: I'm loving my new Forehands! I love the fact that I got them for 65% off even more though ;)
 Dear Duke: I do not appreciate your new habit of waking up at 1 & 7am every morning. Momma needs her sleep!
Dear GRE: It seems we'll meet again this summer...  
Dear Apartment: I'd love it if you packed yourself!


  1. Congratulations on graduating! =) I hope you and Thomas have a wonderful time on your cruise!