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DITL- College Senior Edition


I finally completed a DITL (Day in the Life)! I've been attempting to do one for years and I just could never got through the entire day. I can't say that my days are all that exciting, but they are definitely busy. I know that when I graduate (in FOURTEEN days!) I'll miss being this busy. And I think this will be really fun to look back on.

Thursday April 11, 2013

 Woke up at 8am and I usually lay in bed for a few minutes catching up on Twitter and Instagram. Then I hop in the shower while T takes Duke outside and feeds him. Once out of the shower I do my morning routine ;)

 Once I'm dressed I put on my makeup and do my hair. (I really need to buy a full length mirror for our next place).

The demon puppy is tied up because he was misbehaving and now it's T's turn to get ready while I pack my bag. Since we're so behind on laundry I throw in a load and then Duke goes in his crate waiting for a treat before we leave for class.

It's pouring outside which is no fun. Class is.. class haha Then I get to work- I work as a Student Receptionist in one of the departments on campus. Yummy lunch! I'm going to miss that chili more than anything.

 Once I finish my work for the day I do a little Pretty Little Liars reading. I fly through those books when I have time to read. Walking over to the speech clinic in my Hunter Wellies and rain coat. Therapy room all set up! I also have a meeting after therapy with my group and supervisor.

While waiting for T to pick me up I send my Grandparents a email because they're currently in London! T and I have started tanning to get our bodies ready for the Caribbean sun. Once home I read a couple of blog posts while snacking on Pepper Rings. Left over Ribs from Applebee's for dinner- I know it doesn't look very appetizing, but I promise it was!

Catch up on some DVR while T plays a computer game. Do another load of laundry. Cuddle on the couch with Duke while he sucks on the blanket... and read a little more Pretty Little Liars.

I met two of my friends at Buffalo Wild Wings for .50 wings and drinks. Put on my PJs. Get ready for bed. Check Twitter/Instagram one last time and curl up next to my hubby <3

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  1. I love looking at people's DITLs. Duke is so adorable!