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Dear Duke: Thankfully you tested negative for parasites, but you're still on a very strict diet of boiled chicken and rice for the next two weeks and then a very bland dog food diet for three months. I wish that I could magically make your tummy feel better! You're also loosing teeth left and right so we're hopeful that the teething stage will be over shortly! Dear Final Semester: Only five more weeks stand between me and graduation! I can't believe it! Those five weeks sure are going to be busy though between wrapping up classes, packing up the apartment, and getting ready for the cruise. Please be nice to me! Dear Blog Readers: I can't tell you how good it feels to have a set blogging schedule and to know that I won't "fall off the wagon" anytime soon. I hope you're enjoying all of the posts lately and that you're looking forward to upcoming ones :) Dear Husband: This week has definitely been a trying one, but we've come out on the other side and I'm looking forward to our last laid back weekend in Kalamazoo!

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  1. aw, the good ol days of puppyhood and finding teeth everywhere (or not finding them and finding little bits of blood here and there...).. Puppies are the best, even if put on a strict diet.

  2. What a precious photo! Duke is so adorable! <3