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Review | Sigma Mr. Bunny Kit & Spa Cleaning Glove


One of the things on the top of my wishlist for a long time was a complete high-quality brush set. Over the past year or two I've really been into watching YouTube beauty videos and trying new makeup/truly wearing makeup for the first time. Good brushes are a huge part of that and I'm not saying that the only good brushes are expensive. I love my EcoTools, ELF, and Real Technique brushes. But being the OCD type person that I am I wanted a complete MATCHING set and I ended up deciding on the Sigma Mr. Bunny Kit.

I received the kit about two weeks ago and so far I LOVE the brushes! They are the softest brushes I have ever felt, the handle & barrel are extremely sturdy, and I have no doubt that these brushes will last me years.

By getting the kit I know that I have all of the "main" brushes and that I can add "extra" brushes as I wish. The best part? They'll all match! I still use a few of the ELF eye shadow brushes and my all time favorite ELF Kabuki face brush for bronzer!

On top of buying the Mr. Bunny Kit I also purchased the brand new Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove. After watching a few YouTube demo videos I thought that it was worth giving a try and I also knew that since I spent so much money on the brushes I need to take really good care of them! The glove is pretty pricey at $39 (before the 10% discount) and I only think it's necessary if you have a decent number of brushes/really want to take care of them. I've used it once so far and even though it takes a minute to get used I really like it. I feel like it really deep cleans the brushes and I think that it'll help give the brushes a longer life.

One day in the future I'll take the pictures and write a post on how I clean my brushes.


  1. Thank you for doing this review, like you I've seen many youtube reviews
    but It's always nice to see it coming from a trustworthy friend. I'm def.
    more inclined to get them now.


  2. LOVE signa! Sedona Lace and Real Techniques are very good as well.