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Travel Thursday | Packing Toiletries- Hair & Nail Products


I'm back with another edition of Travel Thursday :) This week I'm going to talk about packing hair and nail products. If you're a girly girl like me you might find this useful, but even if you're a minimalist and don't use a lot of these products I hope you'll still find a few tips ;)

The one group of beauty products that I don't use very often are hair products. 96% of the time my hair is just thrown into a pony tail right after I get out of the shower, with a few bobby pins, and headband holding my fly-aways back. The main reason for this is that I have extremely thick hair and I often feel overwhelmed at the thought of styling it/wasn't ever taught "how to do my hair." So the hair products that I'm taking might are on the lesser side, but I will also be taking my hair straightner and dryer (because our ship doesn't have one- check before you leave if your lodging does)!

I decanted my leave in conditioner, Paul Mitchel straightening gel, and John Freda curling gel into traveling containers which are all from Target. I have a mini hair brush, which is a great space saver, a detangling comb (which is a necessity for my thick hair especially when swimming), a couple head bands, and then I have my ties, bobby pins, and clips in a travel Qtips container (also from Target). Pretty simple if you ask me.

And here's all of the items packed into the bag:

Next up I have my nail kit.. which might seem a little ridiculous to some people, but I love having my nails painted and must have my toes painted at all times. And it drives me bonkers when my nail polish chips or when a nail breaks! So after seeing Organized Jen 's YouTube video on her travel nail kit I knew that I wanted to make a similar kit! Unfortunately the particular Vera Bradley bag that she and I use is no longer available on VB's website, but I ordered mine off of eBay!

So here's what I'll be taking:
A travel sized remover, Essie cuticle oil, toe separaters, 3 nail polishes, a top coat, nail file, cuticle trimmer, brushes for clean up, makeup qtips, nail clippers, a few remover pads, and cotton rounds.

And here's how the bag looks with everything in it:
It's a really neat bag and PERFECT for this! I often find myself drooling over this kit LOL If you think this set is excessive you could just take the polish you're currently wearing, remover pads, and a mini clipper/file set (which I also have in my emergency kit).

There you have it! I hope you all enjoyed this post and learned a few tips! Come back next Thursday for the makeup section ;)


  1. I have the small vera bradley hanging kit thing lol. I use it in Kenz diaper bag. I put nail clippers, thermometer, & meds.

    1. I love that bag so much! Which is so nerdy ;) I'm sure it's great to have in her diaper bag!

  2. Cute bags!

    What are the names of the last two polishes?