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My Tax Return Wishlist!


I think almost everyone can agree that tax return time is one of the best parts of the year (as long as you don't owe). I mean who doesn't like getting back their money?! Anywho, the hubs and I decided that we'd splurge this year with our return because well we can. We've divided the return into thirds- T gets 1/3, I get 1/3, and the last portion is for our anniversary trip to Chicago in July & Duke's neutering surgery! Naturally since we've decided this I've been making a shopping list and I can't wait to actually go shopping once the money is in our account!

Petunia Pickle Bottom Make Up Case, and a trip to Ulta for new makeup!

What's on your tax return wishlist or any wishlist?!

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  1. I love Lululemon! I wish I could buy the whole store, if only the clothes didn't cost so much. I like your idea of the tax return wish list, how are you going to choose what you get? :)