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P52 | Week 7


Valentines Day was extra special this year, because it was the first one we've actually been together for in four years! Like I said in my Friday Letters post Vday isn't the biggest holiday for T & I, but it was nice to go out. T picked me up from class at 5:30, we hurried home, exchanged gifts, fed Duke, and hurried out the door. As you can see in the picture above T bought tickets to see Safe Haven ahead of time and therefore we didn't have any wiggle room. We were going to have dinner at home, but nothing was thawed so we decided to pick something up on the way to the theater. BIG MISTAKE. We went to Qdoba first and the line was out the door so we headed to Panera and had to SCARF down our food. We made it to the theater just in time to get decent seats. It was a great evening even if it didn't go exactly as planned!

PS- Sorry for the lame picture, but we don't have a tripod yet (I'm hoping this will change ASAP- maybe even tomorrow) so it's extremely difficult to take pictures of the both of us without someone else taking it.

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