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Friday Letters


Dear Valentines Day: My husband doesn't understand what's so great about you, but I do. I love celebrating love. I love going on dates. I love dressing up. I love getting mushy cards. I love being spoiled (and hey at least I'm not afraid to admit it). However, the hubs and I have decided that we're also going to pick a random day (still haven't decided on which one) to celebrate our marriage and love. Like another Valentines Day except for only us. This was our first Valentine's Day together in 4 years and it did not disappoint! Dear Husband: Life hasn't been very easy lately and marriage never is, but I promise you that it'll get better. That I'd rather spend these crappy days with you than with anyone else. I love you. PS- I loved our date night last night and can't wait for another one tonight! Dear Devil Puppy: You started Puppy Kindergarten this week and did so well! Part of me is so proud of you, but the other part is wondering why you were such an angel there when you're such a devil at home. Dear Loud Neighbor: I do accept your apology and appreciate the letter, but I can't say that I'm going to miss you once you move next week! Now we don't have to walk on eggshells every time Duke barks. Dear Safe Haven: You didn't live up to my expectations :( I reread the book last month so that I could really compare the two and after seeing the movie I regret that decision. I wasn't enjoying the movie, because I was just comparing the entire time. I'll rent it once it comes out on DVD and see if I enjoy it more.


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  1. That's a really great idea about it being your own Valentine's day. That's really sweet. <3

    When I read this "but the other part is wondering why you were such an angel there when you're such a devil at home." I cracked up!

    I'm really excited to see Safe Haven next week. I love Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough!